VR SCULPTING | with medium (by adobe)

Last night I finally took a look at medium in oclus again - adobe has taken it over and released a 2.4 version - and simply modeled some 2D character of mine in VR. One result of that: A Vic Virus 2D to 3D VR mutation ;)

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NEW IDEAS | new logo design...

Another new project brought me right back to logo design - here you can see the best result at the moment. As far as content is concerned, I cannot and will not say anything about it yet - stay tuned.

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OCTOPUS PINK | Logo & Character Design

In "addition" to logo and character design I do a lot of more things as well. There is web design and podcast production as a source of money, 3D and VR modelling for the realization of character design and also video and sound development for the digital presentation and/or composition of projects or in the end here again for the character design I create.