PODCAST | Urban Art Kids

Just released! Astrid Bassler founder of Urban Art Kids in an interview (english | min 1:42) with the artist Helena Hernández, lives in berlin comes from mexico. Artwork and podcast production was realized by Octopus PINK.

| Just listen to it here!

SOMETHING NEW | character design stuff

Just finished some new pre-final prototyps in character design for urban art kids located in berlin. It was about bringing 2D logo characters to life and developing a first real figure series. Have look at on insta or pinter.

DRIZ @ instagram
ARTI @ pinterest

INSTAGRAM | My Character & Logo Design

YES! On instagram I have now set up also an account and will show there my work on Character Design and Logo Design. Same like my pinterest account: Give me some time to grow up ... THX :)

| Octopus PINK @ Instagram