CHARACTER DESIGN | Urban Art Kids Chars

Hey folks – the new Urban Art Kids sticker „Winter Season“ is out now. This time in the spotlight: DRIZZ, one of the three characters I’ve created for Urban Art Kids, as part of the logo design for the art gallery.

Since 2023, I’ve been dropping a themed sticker for each season at irregular intervals – and now it’s time for something winter-themed featuring: DRIZZ. So, head over to Urban Art Kids and check out what they’re up to and what the gallery has to offer. Pro tip: they’re hosting a bunch of courses for kids. Drawing, painting, anime, and much more 😉 Oh, and there’s currently a girls coding course on offer!

And a special shoutout to STICKER MULE for bringing our digital designs to life! Their top-notch printing services have been instrumental in turning these vibrant visuals into tangible stickers that you can stick anywhere. Check out their work and maybe start your own sticker journey.

| Urban Art Kids – Berlin
| Sticker Mule