PETE BULL | forgotten chars 2020

While looking for antargonists for the character SID STICHL in 2020, this little boy fell out of my pencil: PETE BULL the vampire eye. Always thirsty, bloodthirsty of course, and throws himself directly on the important things.

| LINK to OctopusPINK@instagram

HYPRID GAMING | DR!FT by Sturmkind

One section of DROIDWORX will be hybrid gaming. The gaming concept DR!FT by Martin Müller from Speyer in Germany, has brought out a great realization with its 1/43rd scale racers, which brings out the kid and the racer in you. ANVIL will deal exactly with this topic and will pimp some racers ;) And here now the logo design for ANVIL... And just have a look at DR!FT by Sturmkind. But ATTENTION "Risk of addiction" ;)

| DR!FT by Sturmkind

AXOLOTL - the great!

UPDATE! A truly great little one - a really fantastic work by Warren Yves Le Gat for the Character Design Challenge first time seen on facebook, now here on artstation - a must see!

| LINK to the artwork by Warren Yves Le Gat