LOGO DESIGN | with Brandmaker

Logo development is an essential component of branding and corporate brand communication. Your logo is often the initial visual element that customers and potential clients encounter. A well-crafted logo can contribute significantly to defining and strengthening your brand identity.

Enter BRANDMAKER, a powerful AI tool that proves invaluable in logo development. You simply input your preferences and guidelines, and BRANDMAKER generates design proposals that align with your brand. This encompasses suitable color schemes, stylish fonts, and appealing shapes. The best part? It streamlines the design process and aids in cost savings.

Regardless of your specific logo requirements, it's vital to ensure that the outcome aligns with your brand's values and goals. Your logo should be unique and distinctive to stand out from the competition. However, it's essential to remember that enlisting the expertise of a professional designer can be a wise decision when exceptionally high standards are placed on your logo. An experienced designer can inject individual creativity and expertise to ensure that your logo truly excels. With BRANDMAKER and a talented designer, you're guaranteed to achieve a logo that you can take pride in!



Deeper and deeper into the abyss of AI. Yes! AI will take away all our jobs and we will starve and perish miserably - joking. I actually went deeper into the matter and I tell you: It is really fantastic what you can do - or does AI do it? NO - we do it together. I say what I want and get a large selection of designs that I can handle well and just have less work with it.

In the last month, there has been much discussion about the impact of AI on the job market and our society as a whole. Some fear that the rise of AI will lead to widespread job loss and economic turmoil, while others see the potential for AI to enhance and augment our capabilities. In this context, it's easy to get lost in the rhetoric and lose sight of the tangible benefits that AI can bring. However, as my understanding of AI deepens, we begin to see the incredible potential for collaboration between humans and machines.


COMIC ART | AI generated

Right at the front! The graphic AI #midjourney is a powerful tool that can help you create your own comic novel. This tool is controlled via a Discord account, which means that you can easily access it from anywhere with an internet connection. With #midjourney, you get a lot of input and technology to help you turn your ideas into a reality.

Midjourney is a cutting-edge graphic AI tool designed to assist you in creating your own comic novel via a Discord account. This tool is equipped with a plethora of features and technology to help you bring your ideas to life.

However, it's important to note that while Midjourney can help with the visual aspects of your comic, you will still need to have some writing skills to craft a compelling story. Creating a good story is crucial to engage your readers and keep them interested in your comic novel.

Nevertheless, Midjourney is a user-friendly "tool", and you don't need to be a professional artist or writer to get started. MJ offers intuitive navigation and straightforward controls, making it accessible for both novice and experienced comic creators.

In conclusion, if you have an idea for a comic novel and are looking for a comprehensive tool to bring it to life, Midjourney could be just what you need. With its advanced technology, customizable features, and user-friendly interface, you have everything at your fingertips to create a visually stunning and engaging comic novel.