NEW IDEAS | new logo design...

Another new project brought me right back to logo design - here you can see the best result at the moment. As far as content is concerned, I cannot and will not say anything about it yet - stay tuned.


LONG TIME NO SEE | some update...

Somehow the new coronavirus has also made me react strangely. To make a long story short: I've gone into retreat and one result of this will be that I will concentrate more on Sid Stichel again or that the idea behind it is changing a lot.

Here you can get a first impression:

| Sid Stichle on facebook
| Sid Stichle on Instagram

INSTAGRAM | My Character & Logo Design

YES! On instagram I have now set up also an account and will show there my work on Character Design and Logo Design. Same like my pinterest account: Give me some time to grow up ... THX :)

| Octopus PINK @ Instagram